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Are you fascinated by technology? Are you crazy about videogames? Are you attracted by manga aesthetics? Are you curious about Asian urban tribes? Do you know what social networks are like in Korea? Do you have otaku spirit? Do you know what impact does Internet have on the new Chinese culture? Do you want to know how mobile games are like in India? Do you love last generation gadgets? Are you interested in Asian cyberculture trends?


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Year 2011. Planet Earth.

Terabytes of data travelling over the Internet and multiply exponentially through social networks. An unseen tangle of data and information travels at the speed of light and it wraps the globe until it materializes in any of the multiple devices that are already part of our daily lives.

Tablets, smart phones and other gadgets are a source of continuous inspiration for researchers, designers, creatives and many others involved in the construction of a continuous present which is increasingly cybernetic. It is a reality which already includes distributed intelligence or robots.

Many of these emerging technologies, in a certain way, come from Asia. Japan exports sophisticated versions of geminoid; India surprised everyone with the world's cheapest tablets; phenomena like Weibo - the Chinese twitter - took many of its 500 million Internet users by storm; Korea is working on real experiences in prototype of smart or ubiquitous cities.

They are merely examples of the inexhaustible wealth of trends that digital lifestyle recreates in some of the major Asian cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul or Bangalore. In this third edition of Asia Geek we will explore them by the hand of Asian experts in technology, trends, culture and digital life.


Moderator and Coordination:
Javier Castañeda - Director of Technology and Cyberculture - Casa Asia

Location: IED - Calle Larra, nº 14 - Madrid - How to arrive
Days: May, 26th and 27th october, 2011
Schedule: from 19.00 to 21.00 hrs
Free admission until full capacity is reached



For further information please contact:
Press - Casa Asia. Communication department. 93 368 03 27.

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